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Chumbak | चुंबक full Movie was indeed a good movie. Faced with difficult choices, people sometimes act in a weird way to find the right solution. This short story is about a married couple that is in a spot. What happens to them is nerve wrecking and should be watched. Do not miss the END..!! Writer & Director of ‘LUNCH WITH MY FRIEND’S WIFE’ & ‘THAT SUNDAY’ brings ‘Another brilliant story from a small town in India, the world must know’. Writer & Director Prabhakar ‘Meena Bhaskar’ Pant Producer Deep Ajwani Co-Producer Urban Cinema Company Cast Suruchi Aulakh Pushkar Shrotri Deepanshu Dhyani Director of Photography Arvind Yadav Film Editor Pushkar Bhaskar Pant Executive Producer & Creative Director Shankar Ram Iyer Music & Lyrics Sumanto Ray A KARA Studios presentation
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Chumbak | चुंबक Full Movie Online

This Chumbak | चुंबक movie is all about our nation. One people has dream to get the Chumbak | चुंबक medal for our Country and for that he puts his full effort. Encourage the people to achieve the Chumbak | चुंबक medal for Nation.
Chumbak | चुंबक movie, Chumbak | चुंबक full movie, Chumbak | चुंबक movie onlineMust watch with a message “United we stand”. Good direction, acting, screenplay with emotional film and national pride. The pain of partition and its destruction was heart touching. Movies like Chak de lndia, Soorma and now Chumbak | चुंबक defines the glory of our national game Hockey from pew independence period.

Please go with family, friend, colleagues and watch it. It is fully blockbuster movie.

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A 15-year-old con artist is faced with a tough choice when he meets the latest victim of his lottery scheme.
Initial release: 27 July 2018 (USA)
Director: Sandeep Modi
Music director: Saket Kanetkar
Language: Marathi language
Cast: Swanand Kirkire, Sahil Jadhav, Sangram Desai
Screenplay: Sandeep Modi, Saurabh Bhave
Producers: Aruna Bhatia, Sujata Khati Kumar, Naren Kumar