Gold movie download

Gold movie download is lacking some real elements.Final match was not as exciting as shown in the movie. India won the actual finals comfortably, 4-0, against Great Britain. Movie dramaticised it many notches. Understandably, the makers had to mix facts and fiction to give the adrenaline rush required for commercial success.
We can look towards as a Period Drama film and not based on actual/real events.

Few Gold movie download are very touching and close to heart and cannot be explained and GOLD is surely a independence day gift to us by the star Akshay Kumar and this movie has many awe moments and goosebumps guaranteed if you love your country to the core. After chak de India. Hockey is been portrayed so well and the effort these people had put in is simply superb.

Simply fantastic… brilliant performance by everyone especially Akshay kumar..the movie rekindles fire of patriotism throughout … absolutely super hit..

Gold movie download

I really feel pity on ppl comparing this movie with chak de India…chak de India no doubt is a blockbuster movie..but gold is no less.its infact a true story making us indians proud.

once the Gold movie download starts building, it comes out as a pure gold of patriotism. It reminded me the proud history of indian hockey, the pride to be free of british rule and the message of unity. The cherry on the cake was the ending ehen all the audiemce stood up to sing the national anthem. thanks u akshay kumar for this uplifting movie.

Such a wonderful movie … #Gold… It’s really a gold… Wonderful acting by #Akshay sir… And #Mouniroy… All are can watch this movie… Seriously this was the actual Independence gift which was given by Akshay… In this year… Awesome movie… And my rating for this movie is 4.6/5.

Gold movie download,gold movie, gold full movie, gold movie onlineAn Epic Gold movie download … Its unfair to compare it with other movies related to a sport.
Its a great movie which gives you goosebumps frequently, specially the amazing music and sound effects.
My maiden “First Day First Show”,, and King Akki made it very special.
A Must Watch Movie.

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  • admin 15 / 08 / 2018

    Superb epic movie.. Go watch and feel the fool blast of emotions that you’ll go through..

    Chak de india was good, and this is a a level above that too..
    It differs from Chak de india in that that it had more of commercial elements and unrealistic plot sequences.
    Here, in this movie the story is fully believable, and unlike C-D-I, they haven’t exaggerated the plot.

    Above all, akshay Kumar is just another plot device who takes the story forward. That way, all the protagonists in the movie are given faceime, instead of making it a one may show, and that what clinches the movie for me.

    Akshay ‘s character is just another next door person who goes through various emotions and turmoil in life and tries to balance it with his passion /duty for the country in the form of hockey..

    Also unlike CDI, this doesn’t have overly dramatised climax, making it more believable and life like… Afterall, this was indeed inspired from history of Indian hockey..

    The fact that the movie is more grounded (rather than overly dramatised – exaggerated), makes it a breath of fresh air in this genre of movies, which are all overhyped (and commercialised)..

    Many reviewers find fault at the fact that akshay Kumar doesn’t rise above the plot or the other protagonists.. My point is, that’s what will make the film a critical hit..its good that everyone is given a nearly equal opportunity to showcase their characters…. Don’t believe the other reviewers who have given a negative review. It’s worth the watch.

  • admin 15 / 08 / 2018

    Just watched Gold.
    A perfect watch for the Independence Day.
    Superb direction and amazing performances.
    Reema kagti tried to package a lot of genres and emotions in one movie and she has done an extremely fantastic job. Perfect casting and tight screenplay. Not a single dull moment.
    The humor is subtle and performances are effective yet restraint. Personally for me the show stealers are Kunal Kapoor, Amit Sadh, Vineet Singh and the lad who played the Sardar. Akshay kumar may be the hero of the movie, but he never tried overshadowing the other amazingly written characters. Mouni Roy got a role more than just a glam doll and she did it nicely. Ignore the duck face and she is bearable.
    There are moments in the movie that will make you feel proud of being Indian, there are moments that will also show the imperfections of our country caused by the dark past, but it also gives an unpreachy solution. Some really heartwarming moments.
    My favourite is the scene that has a conversation between akshay Kunal and Amit. And then a lot more followed. And what a climax. The whole theatre gave a standing ovation. Watch it and feel proud. Feel like a true Indian.

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