Gold Full Movie 2018 Free Download In HD

gold full movie A perfect watch for the Independence Day.
Superb direction and amazing performances.
Reema kagti tried to package a lot of genres and emotions in one movie and she has done an extremely fantastic job. Perfect casting and tight screenplay. Not a single dull moment.
The humor is subtle and performances are effective yet restraint. Personally for me the show stealers are Kunal Kapoor, Amit Sadh, Vineet Singh and the lad who played the Sardar. Akshay kumar may be the hero of the movie, but he never tried overshadowing the other amazingly written characters. Mouni Roy got a role more than just a glam doll and she did it nicely. Ignore the duck face and she is bearable.
There are moments in the gold full movie that will make you feel proud of being Indian, there are moments that will also show the imperfections of our country caused by the dark past, but it also gives an preachy solution. Some really heartwarming moments.
My favourite is the scene that has a conversation between akshay Kunal and Amit. And then a lot more followed. And what a climax. The whole theatre gave a standing ovation. Watch it and feel proud. Feel like a true Indian.

I will stick to the points.
gold full movie is a completely waste of time movie. The movie has zero emotions in it. I thought the promos / trailers were bad but not until I saw the movie. The movie is more awful. The main actor has made the movie look even worse. I would not comment further since you know what I am talking about if you have already seen the gold full movie.
gold movie, gold full movie, gold movie onlineWhen everyone works towards a film why don’t the producers focus on the narrative and storytelling? Why don’t they hire an actual story writer, an actual talent?
It is even more disappointing this gold full movie coming from Excel. Yeah THE excel entertainment. Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar ( I do respect them though). They are too as well, short of good movie scripts.
Hell I would have written a better fiction story than this extremely disappointing narrative.

I thus give this movie a zero star.