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Avengers Infinity War Super Marvel Just saw the movie. It has just been released digitally. I honestly hated it, the movie sucks. It made no sense because I haven watched the other MCU movies. Terrible job really. And the GCI is so off Thanos looks like my dick. So disappointment in this movie. Can’t wait for Sony to show Disney how to make a real movie with Venom

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Sam Roberts Sorry but disney have no idea of what they are doing. Can’t wait for Venom to be released. Sony knows what they are doing. MCU sucks. Hulk didnt transform in battle in Wakanda but in trailer it did. Am I the only one freaking out about the music. Saw this movie 4 times in theaters and once on spankbang. If you know then you know. .Still not letting that go. That couldn’t have been an accident that they let slide. Hulk being in the trailer and not in the actual movie. There’s meaning behind that. One thing that i learn from Marvel Trailer. I never trust that . why there’s a hulk in the last scene with captain.


there is no such thing in the movie. Why in the film did Hulk appear once, but in this trailer there was a hulk on wakanda, even though in the movie Hulk did not want to appear on Wakanda, Bruce used the hulkbuster / ironman costume. I’m still wondering where the Hulk was during that slow mo running sequence. “In time, you will know what its like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right yet to fail all the same” This quote rings true to every living man, woman and child. Still get the chills… three months after release after seeing it twice and watching the trailer probably 10 times. Greatest superhero film of all time. Easily.

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freakin clickbait hulk was in the movie for like 3 minutes and then we never see him did anyone notice hulk transform into wakanda whereas in the film he couldn’t Can’t believe i’m still watching this… pleasee marvel i hope you give steve rogers a plenty of time to shine.. I’m looking forward for the second one Fun isn’t something one considers when watching a movie over and over again, but this does put a smile on my face.




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